For the Sis that's been told she's too much and at the same time not enough...

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Could A Simple Accessory Be Holding You Back From Your Dreams? 

Learn How You Had It Right As a Little Girl, But Was Forced To Give It Up Along The Way.

During this challenge, we will go over...

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In the Words of Rafiki, "It is Time."

Sis. Queen. Girlboss...

It is time for you to stop betraying yourself and start honoring you.

It is time to realize how powerful you are and stop wasting time.

It is time to, as my grandmother would say, "S#!t or get off the pot."


You've been playing around for too long. You know you're more powerful than you ever imagined. You've seen glimpses of it and it's freaked you out. So much so that you've run from it, you've run from yourself for so long that you can't remember.


The 'safe' risks that you've already taken, you know the ones where you only let yourself go so far, they didn't scratch the itch, huh? Why? Because you know you were meant for more than this, but you've let how others might feel about you living in your complete truth stop you. That gnawing in your spirit can only be silenced by the ULTIMATE thrill - you in MAXIMUM power. 

You've lived your life with your amp turned down because the noise of your life was making others uncomfortable, but now it's time to turn you up in the microphone! Because when a queen speaks, everybody listens. Whether they want to or not. Her sheer presence demands it because she knows she's worth it. Do you? 

More importantly, are you ready? 

See what others are saying about your host, Krista...

Karen P. 

"Krista imparts to you the spiritual, Biblical knowledge of wisdom. She doesn't do it in a judgemental, condemning way but one that uplifts and inspires you."

Sequoia H. 

"She has made a tremendous impact on me. She's helped me to understand my worth and increased my confidence. She has a heart of gold and has master her talents."

Kat M. 

"It's been such a blessing to be counseled by Krista. She helps you see your situation in a different perspective. She takes her time and walks you through."

Queen Wearing Crown

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