Setting up your life to rule the way God intended you to. 

A 5-Day Life Mapping Challenge

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Hey Queen!


You do know that God created you to rule, right? Right.

Ok, now that we've cleared that up - what's the state of your QUEENdom (i.e. your life)? Is it in shambles or is it carefully curated? 

Are you too busy MANAGING your queendom that you haven't stopped to CULTIVATE your queendom?


So many of us have been running on autopilot at turbo speed, especially throughout 2020, that we haven't taken time to make sure that what we're doing is giving us what we want.


God created you to rule over everything on the earth. This is your training ground for when you get to rule in Heaven. 

So, we're going to break down the state of our own union and set up our queendom territory over five days.  Each day will discuss a different aspect of the Kingdom God has set up and how we can adopt His model for our own Kingdom-like queendom.

Day 1: Treating Yourself as Royalty

Day 2: Planning for Expansion

Day 3: Planning for Success

Day 4: Planning for Relationships

Day 5: Planning for Legacy


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Bonus 2: Daily Giveaways

Meet Your Host

Krista Hayes

Krista Hayes is an emerging businesswoman obeying God’s calling to deliver His teaching in a new, fresh, and inspired way.


She is focused on integrating the spiritual ways and talents of God into our human experience.



Ready to reign like the queen you are?