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Online Special!!

Receive all three formats of Possessing Pure Gold for the price of one!

In this bundle, you'll receive the audiobook, the ebook, and a signed paperback copy shipped to your home. 


Book Synopsis: 

What would you do if someone gave you $3.7 Million to use at your discretion? Would you give it to the poor? Build better infrastructure? Travel the world? Or would you bury it in the ground?


Possessing Pure Gold is a modern revelation and perspective on one of Jesus’ most puzzling teachings, the Parable of the Talents. Discovering the actual value of what the master gave his servants, this book breaks down how much our own talents are worth to God and within our careers.


Christians, at large, have long been plagued by the notion that God is not welcome in their jobs and careers. This book’s interpretation of the Parable of the Talents tells you that not only can you integrate your spiritual gifts into the workplace, but that it is also a necessity.

Possessing Pure Gold Book Bundle

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