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Why Millennials Are RIGHT in Leaving the Church...

But WRONG about the Universe.

I'm a church girl by nurture. Growing up Southern Baptist, it was blasphemy to even say you were skipping church that week, let alone walk away from it altogether. But a LOT of adults today that spent their childhoods in church are walking away from it. Almost 30%, to be exact. And in my humble opinion, they're not wrong.


Because the church, by and large, isn't preaching the correct message. It just isn't. It is preaching the message of Jesus and not the message of the Kingdom. The message of Jesus is that you are a dirty, filthy sinner that gets to go to Heaven ONLY because Jesus took pity on you and decided to save you so you can serve Him for eternity instead of the devil. How's that for a self-esteem booster?!? (and yes, I know that was a really long run-on sentence! lol)

When the only message you hear from the pulpit is constantly laced with reminders of who you were before King Jesus saved you from eternal damnation and how you're nothing without Him, there's no wonder why logical adults would turn to astrology, the ancestors, crystals, the universe, and the law of manifestation to teach them how to possess and use their innate power.

But, that's not the right answer either!

The right answer is to seek out the Kingdom of God and whoever is talking about it. Only then will you have the right combination to satisfy both your soul and spirit - your need to possess power/control and be in right standing with the Deity.

The blockade that the majority are running into while seeking the Kingdom is that they don't know what the Kingdom of God truly is OR they think that Jesus is synonymous with the Kingdom and there's no difference.

That presents another set of problems. When people don't think they have a problem, they then "know" they don't need the answer, solution, or help. And even worse, when you prove that someone's entire foundation was based on a lie or a half-truth, it makes them question themselves, their decision process, or their entire reality (which makes them cling even harder to the lie).

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to break down everything I know about the Kingdom of God, why Jesus was never a fan of religion, and how to tell whether you're truly a part of the KoG (Kingdom of God) or not.

We're going to discuss in detail:

  • What it means to be born again

  • The problem with a "Jesus saves" mentality

  • The problem with astrology, crystals, ancestors, and the universe

  • Why Jesus hates religion

  • Why sermons about your problems don't actually help you

  • Why is it so hard to enter the KoG, according to Jesus

  • How to actually do the greater things Jesus promised us

I can't wait to break this down with you. It might be blasphemy for a large majority, but it will be truly enlightening for some and downright revolutionary for others. So, it's going to be said. lol

Until next time...

Forever ya hype girl,

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