Small Beginnings

On Sunday, I had my first official event as a speaker on my own. It was exhilarating to finally set into motion the business fantasies I've been longing after for so long. 

While there was only a handful in attendance, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and felt in my element. There were so many times before that I would speak on behalf of my job and be incredibly nervous about delivering the topic. Not this time!

I trusted myself and what I knew God had given me to share, and it was well-received. As I take this into becoming a full-fledged business experience for others to enjoy God's teaching, I realize the areas of me that need to grow along the way. 

Now, I truly know what they mean by not despising the day of small beginnings. I have so much more to do to be taken seriously in this field, but I'm working every day to prove my trustworthiness. 

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