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More Than A Selfie

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I posted a picture of myself, along with a few others, over the weekend. This was a major win for me because I've always had an internal struggle with taking pictures. 

I'm not a good selfie taker and every time I've taken professional photos, you could see the angst and uncomfortableness in my eyes. Most definitely a 'deer in headlights' kinda situation. It was like I didn't see myself as important enough to be captured on film. If you check out my Instagram, there's not a bunch of pics of me until recently. 

After months of God's (spiritual) open heart surgeries, I now know that I deserve to be captured and savored on film because of the gold I possess within. There is favor on my face and there's favor on yours too! 

Savor the favor!!

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