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Keeping My Word

While 2020 has been stripping the world bare to reveal all of its ugly truths, the same has been happening with me. This year has been one of intense reflection, renewal, and transformation.

One thing that has been a constant that I was always ashamed of as an adult was my inability to keep my word. I would call it by other names, such as 'I changed my mind' or 'it wasn't that big of a deal' or 'something else came up'. Whatever the reason (i.e. excuse) was, one thing was consistent - I didn't do what I said I was going to do

This year amidst the hard truths that were brought to me was the fact that I didn't keep my word because I didn't think that my word was important. I didn't find the value in what I had to offer myself so I thought others didn't find the value in me either. 

Once confronted with this mic drop, I immediately began changing that narrative - first within me and then with others as well. As crazy as it is, I'm so grateful for 2020 because it rebuilt me from the ground up. 

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