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Feed Yourself

This morning when I woke up, I woke up with a not-so-great attitude. I wasn't in a bad mood - just running on empty. I really wanted to take the day to just lay on the couch and not do anything that required mental energy today.

About halfway through the day, I realized that I was feeling that way not because I was drained but because I wasn't feeding myself properly. I hadn't gone outside for some sunshine. I hadn't eaten breakfast. I hadn't encouraged myself that morning. How was I expected to have energy and be pumped for the day when I was denying myself the things that gave me that energy?

So many times in life, we are expecting miracles out of our behaviors and actions when we aren't putting the necessary things in to get the result. We want the relationship of our dreams, but hadn't gone to counseling. We want the job of our dreams, but hadn't worked on our physical and spiritual talents. We want to be toned and tight, but haven't picked up the weights.

Sometimes we deny ourselves on purpose. Sometimes it's by neglect. Either way, it still doesn't give us what we want. Reassess today what it is that you want and make sure you're providing yourself ample physical, spiritual, and mental nutrition to get it.

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